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2021-2022 School Year Schedule

*TUITION WILL BE CHARGED beginning September 1st*

  • You will enroll now, no payment will be due until Sept 1
  • If you need to make a change or cancel, please call or email ASAP: 763-421-3046 |
  • We will automatically charge monthly tuition starting Sept 1
  • Please review your credit card or bank account on file so all charges go through (did you know we take ACH Bank Payments?!)

Looking forward to a fun school year!

school year schedule

Sept 7, 2021 - May 27, 2022

SCHEDULE coming soon. 

August 9th for currently enrolled families
August 16th for all others


June 7 - August 28th

SCHEDULE (click to view)

Register any time and we will pro-rate the monthly charges accordingly!


Multi Class Discounts (same student)
2nd Class = 10% | 3rd Class = 15% 

Multi Family Discounts
Siblings: 1st = 15% | 2 or more = 30%

Which Class should I sign up for?

For more information about our classes, see the Class Programs page, HERE.
Or call our office for more information 763-421-3046

All Prices are Monthly

If you enroll during a partial month, we will prorate the charges at time of registration and then on the 1st of the month automatically. Easy!

Class Withdrawal

If you need to withdraw from a class:

Email Request to:

Deadline: The 15th of the month prior

We need time to adjust our staffing and class admissions so it's crucial to us that we have time to do that. We appreciate your understanding.

no enrollment fee

TCT does NOT charge an annual enrollment fee. You can register your child for a class any time after registration opens. We'll prorate the monthly total accordingly.


Holidays are fixed into the monthly tuition rates and do not receive make-up classes. 

These include: New Years Eve/Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween (evening only), Thanksgiving (Th/Fr) & Christmas Eve/Day.

Spring Show | Ninja Fest

May 2022: We will be bringing back our annual Spring Show and Ninja Fest this year! We look forward to celebrating all your athlete's accomplishments.

Preschool Classes
*Please note the location of the class you are registering for
(Classes subject to change)

Tumble Tots
Ages 12-18 Months
Mini Mites (parent child)
Shooting Stars
Hot Shots

Girls Recreational Classes
Classes held at Champlin unless labeled 'BP'

(Classes subject to change)

Girls Beginner 1
Girls Beginner 2
Girls Intermediate 1
Girls Intermediate 2
Girls Advanced
Girls High School

Boys Classes
Classes are held at Champlin location

(Classes subject to change)

Muscle Men
Boys Beginner
Boys Intermediate
Boys Advanced


Recreational Trampoline & Tumbling Classes
All T&T Classes are at our Brooklyn Park location.

(Classes subject to change)

Trampoline & Tumbling Beginner 1
Trampoline & Tumbling Intermediate 1
Trampoline & Tumbling Advanced

Tumbling for Dance

Ninja Zone Classes
All Ninja Zone classes are at our Brooklyn Park location.

(Classes subject to change)

Baby Ninja Ages 18mo-3yr
Lil’ Ninjas Ages 3-5
White Ninjas Ages 4-5
White Ninjas Ages 6-7
White Ninjas Ages 8-11
Yellow Ninjas (Level 2 Ninja)
Green Ninjas (Level 3 Ninja)
Ninja Parkour Ages 12-15

SONIC (Adaptive Program) Classes

SONIC is a special needs program created to provide an environment that makes it possible for EVERY individual to achieve and succeed.  Learn more about SONIC here!

*We want to be sure each student enrolled in our adaptive classes has an awesome experience.  Currently enrolling private and semi private classes for fall 2020. Small group classes to be added at a later date. To register please email our Program Director, Rachel

daytime classes

(Classes subject to change)

Please review above as we have daytime classes offered. We will likely add more as the school districts adjust their schedules and COVID rules permit.