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Covid Information

Click to read about all the Safety Procedures we have in place

covid protocols

  • Everyone entering the building must wear a mask
  • All temperatures will be checked upon entry
  • Your child will be directed to thoroughly wash their hands after they pass the temp check
  • Parents are encouraged to drop off and return when the event concludes
  • The lobby has limited space and you must stay 6 feet apart with your mask on
  • Your child will be directed to thoroughly wash their hands before they leave
  • We clean surfaces before and after each practice and event

does your student have any of these symptoms?

Does your student have any of the following symptoms that you cannot attribute to another health condition?

  • Fever or feeling feverish?
  • Chills?
  • A new cough?
  • Shortness of breath?
  • A new sore throat?
  • New muscle aches?
  • New headache?
  • New loss of smell or taste?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the screening questions, you are advised to go home/stay home, stay away from other people, and contact your health care provider.
Minnesota Department of Health, 5/20/20

what about other symptoms?

Please DO NOT disguise symptoms with medication. It puts everyone as risk.

if your student tests positive or has known exposure

Please contact our front office immediately. We will need the following (as applicable):

  • Test Date
  • Date of Known Exposure
  • Date Symptoms Appeared
  • Last Date at TCT

Your student will be required to quarantine for 10-14 days depending on test results. We will make every effort to find a make-up class for your student.

763-421-3046 (Champlin)
763-762-5330 (BP)

what is a known exposure?

Close Contact / Known Exposure

In general, close contact / known exposure means being within about 6 feet of a person who has COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more throughout the course of a day (24 hours)

more information

We are doing the best we can with guidance from the
Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
World Health Organization (WHO)

This is all subject to change as we continually learn more about Covid-19.

Employee Covid Information: HERE

what scientists know

Contagious Period:

2 days prior to symptoms through 10 days after start of symptoms
(This is why a positive test result requires 10 days of quarantine)
Oct 20, 2020

Incubation Period:

14 days | Median Time is 4-5 days | Most will develop symptoms by day 11.5 
Best time to test: Days 5-6 after exposure
(This is why exposed people are required to quarantine for 14 days)
Nov 3, 2020

Immunity Period:

90 days, but more research needed
Nov 3, 2020