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Class Information


June 13 - Sept 1, 2022


Registration Opens at 8am on:
April 20th for Existing Customers
April 25th for Everyone Else

school year schedule

Sept 7, 2021 - May 28, 2022


Registration Open!
Register anytime, no enrollment fee. We'll prorate your first month accordingly. Tuition is charged starting September 1 and will automatically be charged on the first of each month following.


Multi Class Discounts (same student)
2nd Class = 10% | 3rd Class = 15% 

Multi Family Discounts
Siblings: 1st = 15% | 2 or more = 30%

Which Class should I sign up for?

For more information about our classes, see the Class Programs page, HERE.
Or call our office for more information 763-421-3046

All Prices are Monthly

If you enroll during a partial month, we will prorate the charges at time of registration and then on the 1st of the month automatically. Easy!

Class Withdrawal

If you need to withdraw from a class:

Email Request to:

Deadline: The 15th of the month prior

We need time to adjust our staffing and class admissions so it's crucial to us that we have time to do that. We appreciate your understanding.

no enrollment fee

TCT does NOT charge an annual enrollment fee. You can register your child for a class any time after registration opens. We'll prorate the monthly total accordingly.


Holidays are fixed into the monthly tuition rates and do not receive make-up classes. 

These include: New Years Eve/Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween (evening only), Thanksgiving (Th/Fr) & Christmas Eve/Day.

NOTE: July 4, 2022 classes will be held on Friday, July 8th. Details to follow via email.​​​​​​​

Spring Show | Ninja Fest

May 2022: We will be bringing back our annual Spring Show and Ninja Fest this year! We look forward to celebrating all your athlete's accomplishments. See details HERE

at home options

online recorded classes

See all the recorded classes with out coaches. There are even 30 days of 30 challenges done in 30 seconds! HERE

preschool activities

Check out all our Preschool page for story time, skill workouts, messages from our coaches and more!