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Current Class Schedule

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Visit our Home Activities & Preschool pages for cool videos from our coaches, printouts for workouts, coloring pages & much more!

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All previous class recordings available below!

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next level classes starting may 19

Please note. We will be offering Next Level @ TCT Home classes starting May 19th. Several of these free online classes may be eliminated due to lack of interest. Please check back for more information.

This Week's Online Classes (May 11-15)

Gymnastics Recorded Classes

Apr 8 Boys Beginner w/Drew
Apr 15 Boys Beginner w/Drew
Apr 22 Boys Beginner w/Drew
Apr 29 Boys Beginner w/Drew
May 6 Boys Beginner w/Drew
May13 Boys Beginner w/Drew

Apr3 Beginner 1 & 2 w/Cassie
Apr6 Beginner 1&2 w/Heidi
Apr10 Beginner 1&2 w/Myrika
Apr13 Beginner 1&2 w/Heidi
Apr20 Beginner 1&2 w/Heidi
Apr24 Beginner 1&2 w/Gretchen
Apr27 Beginner 1&2 w/Heidi
May1 Beginner 1&2 w/Myrika
May4 Beginner 1&2 w/Heidi
May11 Beginner 1&2 w/Heidi
May15 Beginner 1&2 w/Myrika

Apr6 Cardio w/Cassie
Apr13 Cardio w/Cassie
Apr20 Cardio w/Cassie
Apr27 Cardio w/Cassie
May4 Cardio w/Cassie
May11 Cardio w/Cassie

Apr3 Core w/Cassie
Apr7 Core w/Cassie
Apr10 Core/Cassie
Apr14 Core w/Cassie
Apr17 Core w/Cassie
Apr21 Core w/Cassie
Apr24 Core w/Cassie
Apr28 Core w/Cassie
May1 Core w/Cassie
May5 Core w/Cassie
May8 Core w/Cassie
May12 Core w/Cassie
May15 Core w/Cassie

Apr2 Flexibility w/Cassie
Apr9 Flexibility w/Cassie
Apr16 Flexibility w/Cassie
Apr23 Flexibility w/Cassie
Apr30 Flexibility w/Cassie
May7 Flexibility w/Cassie
May14 Flexibility w/Cassie

Apr3 Intermediate/Advanced w/Amber
Apr7 Intermediate/Advanced w/Myrika
Apr10 Intermediate/Advanced w/Amber
Apr14 Intermediate/Advanced w/Myrika
Apr17 Intermediate/Advanced w/Amber
Apr21 Intermediate/Advanced w/Myrika
Apr24 Intermediate/Advanced w/Amber
Apr28 Intermediate/Advanced w/Myrika
May1 Intermediate/Advanced w/Amber
May5 Intermediate/Advanced w/Myrika
May8 Intermediate/Advanced w/Amber
May12 Intermediate/Advanced w/Myrika
May15 Intermediate/Advanced w/Amber

Apr8 Upper Body Strength w/Cassie
Apr15 Upper Body Strength w/Cassie
Apr22 Upper Body Strength w/Cassie
Apr29 Upper Body Strength w/Cassie
May13 Upper Body Strengh w/Cassie

30 days of 30

Our coaches are bringing you 30 DAYS of 30 CHALLENGES in 30 SECONDS! Watch our Facebook page or click on the links below. Have FUN!!

Coach Heidi 4/15-4/19

Day 1- Situps 
Day 2- Cartwheels 
Day 3- FWD to BWD rolls 
Day 4- Squats 
Day 5- Levers with a hop

Coach Cameron 4/20-4/24

Day 6- Push ups 
Day 7- Ninja Rolls 
Day 8- Fewest # of handstands
Day 9- Safety Vault 
Day 10- Palm Spin


Day 11- HS sideways walks 
Day 12- Hop on one foot
Day 13- Hopscotch
Day 14- Donkey Kicks
Day 15- Lunges

Coach Cassie 4/30-5/4

Day 16- Left leg split
Day 17- Tuck jumps
Day 18- Right leg split
Day 19- Jumping jacks
Day 20- Wall Sits

COACH Amber 5/5-5/9 

Day 21- Shuttle run with stuffed animal
Day 22- Up-up Down-downs
Day 23- Middle split
Day 24- Burpees with a jump
Day 25- Plank walk/Spider walk 

COACH Ellie 5/10-5/14

Day 26- Candlestick jumps
Day 27- V-Ups
Day 28- TBD
Day 29- Balance on one foot
Day 30- Forward backs


Multi Class Discounts (same student)
2nd Class = 10% | 3rd Class = 15% 

Multi Family Discounts
Siblings: 1st = 15% | 2 or more = 30%

No Enrollment Fee

TCT does NOT charge an annual enrollment fee. You can register your child for a class any time after registration opens. We'll prorate the monthly total accordingly.

All Prices are Monthly

TCT / Ninja Zone changed to monthly tuition June 2019. Your account will be charged at time of registration and then on the 1st of the month automatically. Easy!


September 3, 2019 - May 31, 2020

Enroll now and you'll start immediately. We'll prorate your first partial month accordingly.


Holidays are fixed into the monthly tuition rates and do not receive make-up classes. 

These include: New Years Eve/Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween (evening only), Thanksgiving (Th/Fr) & Christmas Eve/Day.

Class Withdrawal

If you need to withdraw from a class:

Email Request to:

Deadline: The 15th of the month prior

We need time to adjust our staffing and class admissions so it's crucial to us that we have time to do that. We appreciate your understanding.