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activities to do at home

Hi Everyone! We prepared all these fun things in 2020 during our COVID shut-down. Whenever you're looking for something to do at home, check back here for ideas and inspiration! - TCT Coaches

recorded classes with our coaches

We recorded online classes with our coaches for you to view again and again! Visit our Online Schedule page for more info.

preschool fun

We have a whole page full of fun preschool things to do!

amazing kids 360

From the founders of NinjaZone, Amazing Kids 360 is an awesome resource for activities to keep your kids busy. All of it is FREE as a TCT member. HERE

ninja move it mornings

Click HERE 
Check in to Move it Mornings live every morning at 9:30am!
Follow this link to the Ninja Zone FB page to find the live class.

5 min workout with coach amber

For today's #MondayMotivation, get outside with Coach Amber for this fun 5 minute workout! The kids in Amber's TCT @ Home classes love it! HERE

scavenger hunt workout

So fun! Try this workout with items everyone has around the house. No equipment, no problem. Thanks Gold Medal Gymnastics


Check out this super awesome workout that combines yoga AND cardio! Yoga is a great way to improve your gymnastics through flexibility, balance, and core stability. #tctstrong

usa gymnastics ballet moves

Ballet Basics Day Two - Plies
Christina Brown helps you stay strong at home by showing you the correct technique for plie combinations! HERE

conditioning video

V-Force Elite Gymnastics  athletes put together some fun conditioning videos for you to follow along with from home during this difficult time! This one is the cha cha slide plank challenge! 

Core workout video

The key to enjoying your at home workouts is to mix it up! Try something new today, like this fun core workout to Uptown Funk!


Our TCT team athletes are still working hard every day! Here is your challenge for today:
10 pushups
10 v-ups
10 squat jumps
10 burpees
20 second handstand hold

Take a timelapse, post it to your IG (Facebook) story, and don't forget to tag us! #workoutfromhome #tctstrong

Thanks Gleason's Gymnastic School for the fun challenge!

hand stands anyone?

There are so many ways we can still practice our gymnastics at home! Check out this video on the basics of a handstand. Thanks for the vid, Gleason's Gymnastic School!

skill focus


Here is part 3 of our ninja tutorial series! This tutorial combines what you've learned in part 1 and 2, so make sure you check those out if you haven't yet. Thanks coach Cameron and Tristan for putting together an awesome series! HERE

NINJA palm spin safety down

Follow along to learn how to do a Palm Spin Safety Down at home or outside by Coach TristanHERE

NINJA part 2 Shosei!

Follow along with Coach Tristan so you can step up your Shosei! HERE

cartwheel tips 2

Check out some more cartwheel tips from Coach Sydney! Be safe, and have fun! HERE

backward rolls

Here are some great tips from Coach Kylie to help you perfect your backward roll at home! HERE

Coaches Bridget and Alaina have some great tips and progressions for beam handstands.

Follow along with Coach Sydney for some tips on perfecting your front walkover! Be safe, smart, and have fun!

cartwheel tips

Follow along with Coach Ellie for cartwheel tips and progressions! Keep working hard kiddos! You got this! HERE

back walkovers

Here are some tips from Coach Sydney for working on your back walkover at home! Safety is number one, so if you haven’t mastered your back bend yet, have a parent spot you! You got this! HERE

Did you know you could work on your trampoline skills and technique even without a trampoline? Follow along with Coaches Ellie and Brenna! Training trampoline is not only super fun and important for trampolinists, but it's a great tool for all disciplines of gymnastics. Trampoline improves strength, control, and balance in a low impact setting.  

t&t friendly workout

Start your week off strong! Thanks Premier Gymnastics for the awesome, T&T friendly workout! HERE

our coaches miss you!

30 days of 30

Our coaches did 30 DAYS of 30 CHALLENGES in 30 SECONDS! How many can you do? Have FUN!!

Coach Heidi 4/15-4/19

Day 1- Situps 
Day 2- Cartwheels 
Day 3- FWD to BWD rolls 
Day 4- Squats 
Day 5- Levers with a hop

Coach Cameron 4/20-4/24

Day 6- Push ups 
Day 7- Ninja Rolls 
Day 8- Fewest # of handstands
Day 9- Safety Vault 
Day 10- Palm Spin


Day 11- HS sideways walks 
Day 12- Hop on one foot
Day 13- Hopscotch
Day 14- Donkey Kicks
Day 15- Lunges

Coach Cassie 4/30-5/4

Day 16- Left leg split
Day 17- Tuck jumps
Day 18- Right leg split
Day 19- Jumping jacks
Day 20- Wall Sits

COACH Amber 5/5-5/9 

Day 21- Shuttle run with stuffed animal
Day 22- Up-up Down-downs
Day 23- Middle split
Day 24- Burpees with a jump
Day 25- Plank walk/Spider walk 

COACH Ellie 5/10-5/14

Day 26- Candlestick jumps
Day 27- V-Ups
Day 28- Back Flexibility
Day 29- Burpees
Day 30- Handstand Challenges

Coach Kara

Coach Myrika

Coach Amber

Coach Shawnda

Jackie Rocks!

print these for more fun!

print these and use them as your 'gym' class for the day!

There's a space to journal or color a picture. Have fun!

50 Ways to Burn Off Steam!

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