Twinklers must be 3-4 years old within the first week of the session and potty trained. Students will put their listening skills to good use in this class. Twinklers classes start with a 10 min. warm up and stretch, then are set up as different stations.  Kids will learn to stay at a particular station and to try a skill multiple times before moving on.  Some of the skills they will learn include the following:

  • Vault: How to jump on the spring board with 2 feet, straight, tuck and straddle jumps off an object, squat on to a block
  • Bars: Monkey flip. front support, casts, swinging, forward roll, pullovers, chin holds
  • Beam: Walking  forward, backwards, and sideways, marching, jumping, kicking
  • Floor: Forward and backwards rolls, log rolls, cartwheels, handstands
  • Tramp: Jump and freeze, straight/tuck/straddle jumps, 1/2 turns, seat drops, puppy drops

*Many skills are the same as the mini mites. The difference is they are now doing it all on their own, as well as moving from station to station verses an obstacle course.