Shooting Stars must have passed all the Twinklers skills and  been tested into this class by their current coach.  (Kids new to gymnastics that are 5 years old will start in Shooting Stars.) The skills in Shooting Stars and Twinklers are similar, but in Shooting Stars kids will be working on better technique, straighter legs, bigger amplitude, and tighter bodies and increased strength and flexibility.  Shooting Stars classes are 55 min. long.  Skills include:

  • Vault: Jumping on the springboard with 2 feet right to a straight/tuck/straddle jump, squat on to a block, stick it
  • Bars: Monkey flip reverse, front support, casts, forward rolls, pullovers, swinging
  • Beam: Walking forward, sideways and backwards on releve, jumping over an object, kicks
  • Floor: Cartwheel with straight legs to lunge, kick up to handstand, forward and backward rolls
  • Tramp: Straight/tuck/straddle/split jumps, 1/2 and full turns, seat drops, puppy drops, jump combinations