Hot Shots must have passed all the Shooting Stars skills and been tested into this class by their current coach. Hot Shots will occasionally move to the main gym to work on their skills. From this class, children who turn 6 within the session will either go to Beginner 1 or 2 depending on their skill achievements. Here are some of the skills your child will be learning in this class:

  • Vault: Straight jump to a stick it, straight jump up to resi mat, dive roll onto resi mat, handstand flatbacks

  • Bars: Pullovers, casts, swing & re-grip, glides, back hip circles

  • Beam: Releve' walks forward, sideways, backwards, kicks, straight jumps, pivot turn, lever to lunge

  • Floor: handstand to lunge, cartwheel to lunge with straight legs, bridge kick over, backward roll on the floor

  • Tramp: Straight/tuck/straddle/split jumps, jump full turns, jump combinations, back handspring over a barrel