These classes have higher level skills and utilizes all the equipment of beginners. Intermediate also works on easier skills due to the importance of doing the skill properly. All girls in the Intermediate classes must either have had Girls Beginners or been tested.

Girls Intermediate 9+ has the same description as Girls Intermediate but is designed for girls 9 and older.

Some skills they will learn as they progress through Intermediate 1 & 2:

  • Vault: Handstand fall onto 8” mat, handstand hop on floor
  • Bars: Pull over, cast back hip circle, cast squat on, glide swing
  • Beam: Handstand low beam then medium beam, cartwheel low beam then medium beam,
  • Floor: Back bend on 8” mat, bridge kick over, back walkover, back handspring down mat
  • Tramp: Back handspring over barrel, back handspring, flyspring