May 12 - Phase 1

By tct, 05/12/20, 3:40AM CDT


May 12th

Twin City Twister Families,

We hope this update finds you safe and healthy during these challenging times. Along with many other businesses around the state of MN, we wait to receive guidance from the state and local levels on a timeline for when gymnastics facilities can open and what additional standards will be asked of us. Attached you will find TCT’s plan to open using a three phase approach. We will begin with a small number of athletes in the gym in phase one, as this is what we expect the health department will require. In phases two and three we will include more athletes and increase the allowed capacity. We will get schedules out to families as soon as we solidify them.

Our safety protocol plan has been thoughtfully developed in collaboration with the MN State Women's Gymnastics Board and we believe it will exceed the standards the Minnesota Department of Health will require. As we learn more about these standards we will adjust our plan appropriately. While we are confident in our safety precautions, we want to be clear that if any family does not feel comfortable returning we understand and will work with them individually. 

Although we do not know when we will be implementing this plan, it is our goal to be as transparent as possible as we return back to the gym. To accomplish this, we will continue to communicate with you frequently with updates on our website and via email. 

We look forward to our families making a safe and responsible return to the gym!

Steve and Mike

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