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New Champlin Location!

By tct, 08/01/23, 11:00AM CDT


Coming January 1, 2024

second champlin building in the works!

Targeted Completion: Dec 2023

We are so excited to be building a second Champlin location! 

We will move out of the Brooklyn Park location and into Champlin East at the end of December. We plan to continue with all classes and schedules during the move. There may be some temporary class relocations, but we'll be sure to let you know as it all unfolds!

Champlin West activities & all Brooklyn Park activities will move to Champlin East with one exception: Our Xcel team will relocate to Champlin West. They will have a huge space to use to help grow their program even more!

tentative dates

Dec 21st: Last day of Rec Classes in Dec
Dec 22-Jan 1: Closed for the Holidays!
Jan 2: Teams begin training in new locations
Jan 4-6th (TBD): Rec Classes Resume 

champlin east

We have been planning this build for many years. COVID and supply chain issues delayed so many plans. There are likely to be some slight variations to this rendering, but we're pretty excited! Watch the progress below. 

Champlin Locations

Champlin West: 9001 123rd Ave No
(existing & original location)
Behind Champlin Post Office
Champlin East: 12346 Business Park Blvd (new build location)
Across Highway 169 from Champlin West, next to Willy McCoy's

Where will our programs be located?

Champlin West: Xcel Team &
Shinobi Parkour
Champlin East: Everyone else!
Rec, Preschool, Camps, Parties, etc.
Team: Boy's, Girl's, TNT

all hands on deck!

We will be organizing the move with the help of our families and community. Stay tuned for sign up options! We really appreciate all the support.

Thank you for all our families and our community for supporting us. It's no easy task and we appreciate your patience and support as we navigate this process! We can't wait to open the new doors!!

Preliminary Rendition

Preliminary Rendition

August 2023

Steve & City of Champlin Crew!