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Preschool Photos & Fun!

story time with our coaches!

Coach Aly: Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans

Coach Gretchen: Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems

Coach Gretchen: Pinkalicious, by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann

Coach Heidi: Oh the Things You Can Do That are Good for You, by Dr. Seuss

Coach Gretchen: Olivia, by Ian Falconer

Coach Amber: Hiccupotamus, by Aaron Zenz

Coach Heidi: On Beyond Zebra, by Dr. Seuss

Jackie Rocks!

amazing kids 360

From the founders of NinjaZone, Amazing Kids 360 is an awesome resource for activities to keep your kids busy. All of it is FREE as a TCT member. HERE

preschool fun with coach heidi!

Stuffed animal workout!

Make good use of your stuffed animal collection with this quick workout for the little ones! Thanks Gleason's Gymnastic School

from our facebook page


Here’s a fun circuit for the preschoolers to work on at home! HERE

cartwheel tips 2

Check out some more cartwheel tips from Coach Sydney! Be safe, and have fun! HERE

cartwheel tips

Follow along with Coach Ellie for cartwheel tips and progressions! Keep working hard kiddos! You got this! HERE

preschool fun

Here’s a video for our Preschoolers to follow along! This is a great way to keep our little ones active with no gymnastics equipment. Thanks Apex Park and Recreation District

Try this SONIC workout with coach Jenna!

from our coaches:

30 days of 30

Our coaches did 30 DAYS of 30 CHALLENGES in 30 SECONDS! How many can you do? Have FUN!!

Coach Heidi 4/15-4/19

Day 1- Situps 
Day 2- Cartwheels 
Day 3- FWD to BWD rolls 
Day 4- Squats 
Day 5- Levers with a hop

Coach Cameron 4/20-4/24

Day 6- Push ups 
Day 7- Ninja Rolls 
Day 8- Fewest # of handstands
Day 9- Safety Vault 
Day 10- Palm Spin


Day 11- HS sideways walks 
Day 12- Hop on one foot
Day 13- Hopscotch
Day 14- Donkey Kicks
Day 15- Lunges

Coach Cassie 4/30-5/4

Day 16- Left leg split
Day 17- Tuck jumps
Day 18- Right leg split
Day 19- Jumping jacks
Day 20- Wall Sits

COACH Amber 5/5-5/9 

Day 21- Shuttle run with stuffed animal
Day 22- Up-up Down-downs
Day 23- Middle split
Day 24- Burpees with a jump
Day 25- Plank walk/Spider walk 

COACH Ellie 5/10-5/14

Day 26- Candlestick jumps
Day 27- V-Ups
Day 28- Back Flexibility
Day 29- Burpees
Day 30- Handstand Challenges