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SONIC - Special Needs Program


SONIC is a special needs program created to provide an environment that makes it possible for EVERY individual to achieve and succeed.

With the proven SONIC special needs curriculum and training, TCT Gymnastics/Ninja Zone will work with each individual to ensure their needs are met at each stage of development and growth. We value each individual’s potential based upon their individual abilities.

In May, we do a Spring Show| Ninja Fest where parents are able to observe from inside the gym. This is super fun event for families and is included in your tuition! 

SONIC offerings at TCT/Ninja Zone

Adaptive Classes

  • TCT offers several classes for children with unique needs!  Rachel Tressel is our current program leader and is the primary contact for this program. 

One on One Private Sessions

  • In a private one on one session, your child works with our staff at their own pace on goals specific to each child’s individual needs. Private sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes in length.

Small Group Sessions

  • Children with similar abilities will participate in a fitness session alongside their peers. Movements are adapted based on physical ability. Group Sessions are created by parents and the TCT staff working together to build the class.

Inclusive Sessions

  • Children participate in a typical gymnastics or fitness class. Movements are modified and performed with supervision during the class.

If you have questions regarding SONIC or are interested in signing up,  please contact

Customer Feedback!

The Sonic program at TCT has brought a brightness to our family. Sonic focuses not on who wins or loses but on teamwork and success for each child. I watch as the coaches and children work together to help each other so each child is successful on the climbing wall and obstacle course. The coaches not only explain what needs to be done in class but show the class as well, which helps with visual learners. The classes are lower ratio for child to coaches which offers more direct assistance to each child and thus promotes success and a sense of pride in each child.
As our son says, we work together and have fun

how to register

We want to be sure each student enrolled in our adaptive classes has an awesome experience. 

  • To register please email our Program Director, Rachel Tressel:
  • One on one private sessions are based on a monthly fee and can be scheduled at our front desk.
  • Small group sessions follow our regular yearly session schedule and registration is completed at the front desk (Covid permitting).

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