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2021 Spring Expo

The epic TCT Spring Show & Ninja Fest will need to be delayed another year due to the ongoing restrictions.

BUT we are excited to have you come in and watch your child(ren) show off some skills they have been working on in class!

During a Specific Class in May

At this time, one parent/guardian will be allowed into the gym 15 minutes prior to the end of your child’s regular class to see some of the skills they've been working on!

  • These will be spread out through May to limit the number of people in attendance
  • You received a 'Save the Date' email in early April to indicate YOUR date and should receive an email the week prior
  • See PDF schedule at the gym and here to verify ------------>
  • No sign up needed as we will assign your date
  • There will be an area for photos after class
  • Every child will receive an award

On Your Day

  1. Wear a Mask
  2. Drop off your child at the start of class
  3. Check in and get a Wristband
  4. Currently 1 parent/adult allowed
  5. Return for the last 15 minutes of class
  6. Enter the gym in the designated area
  7. Take photos & videos (no flashes allowed)
  8. Have FUN!

Additional FAQs below.

Awards for Every Child!

Photo Op

We will have an area set up so you can take fun photos!

see your schedule here:

Spring Expo 2021 Ninjas!

Ninja Wall!

Ninja Obstacle Course!


How early can I arrive before my child's Expo starts?
You should arrive to your session no more the 20 minutes before the end of your child's class.

How long will the Expo last?
It will be held for approximately the last 15 minutes of your child's regular class.

Are there COVID Restrictions?
Yes. We will require everyone to wear a mask, stay 6' apart and STAY home if they feel sick.

What should my child wear?
Your child should wear the same thing they wear to class. 

How do I know what day and session my child is in?
You should have received an email listing your date. The schedule is also linked above. It is important that you attend that specific date and time as we are staggering attendance to keep the numbers low.

What if we cannot attend the session we're assigned?
Please call or stop by the front desk to see if we have an alternative. You may also email

Can I take pictures and/or video?
Absolutely! A photo op area will be provided as well! Just remember, no flashes allowed as it's dangerous when doing skills.

Is there an admission fee?
NO! It's FREE!  There is no admission fee.

Is there anything for sale at the Spring Expo?
Details to follow.

Where do I park if the Champlin lot is full?
Parking is also allowed on Ensign Ave. on the west end of the gym.  NO parking is allowed on 123rd Ave. N or in the QCTV lot.  The center row in the TCT lot must remain open on both ends.  Please do not block people in.

We are looking forward to have an awesome Spring Expo experience for all the participants.

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