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Summer Camps

wednesdays | 9:30-12:30 | new theme each week | join the fun!

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Summer Kick Off Camp June 15th

tumbling into summer

June 22nd.  We will explore the fundamentals of tumbling and have some fun doing it!

4th of July

June 29th. For the Fourth of July camp we will be working on the power behind gymnastics. Kids will focus on fast skills and how we use our energy and power to implement those skills.

ninja day

July 6th. During ninja camp, students will learn a variety of skills from jumping, flipping, rolling, as well as what it takes to be a ninja!


July 13th. Tumbling camp will focus on tumbling skills. Skills will be based off current ability, however we will focus on handspring variations, rolling variations, cartwheels and many more floor skills

art day

July 20th. For art day, kids won't just be working on art projects. They will be learning what it takes to be an artistic gymnast. We will learn how to connect skills and hone in on the multi step process that it takes to be a gymnast!

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Wednesdays | 9:30a-12:30p | Brooklyn Park

Structured Gym Time
Unstructured Gym Time

LABELED water bottle

Comfy play clothes or leotard

science day

July 27th. There is a science behind being a gymnast! Students will explore movement based concepts and learn about how your body uses science to execute the skills.

construction day

Aug 3rd. For construction day, kids will work on construction challenges with different types of building material.

beach day

Aug 10th. During beach day, kids will learn or improve the skills that they can do outside or at the beach. Cartwheels, handstands, rolling and many more.

color games

Aug 17th. During color games, each group will get a specific color T-Shirt to decorate. Each group will then play games and work together as a team to obtain the objective they are working on.


Aug 24th. Survivor camp will focus on challenging kids in many ways. From encouraging their brain to do bigger things all the way to creative problem solving. Are you ready for the challenge?

ninja 2.0

Aug 31st. Take your ninja skills to the next level! With ninja 2.0, kids will be working on advancing their knowledge and skill sets from stretch to technique.

Summer Camps
Camp will also include structured/unstructured gym time, snack and a craft.