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Tumble Plus

Preschool class with gymnastics and ninja

please note: We are currently offering one day a week. Stay tuned for a Thursday option!


Are kids required to do 2 days a week?
No! Choose one day or two days a week. 

Can we do Open Gym (extended day) just once or twice a month?
You can register for the Open Gym and pay as you go. Or you can enroll in the $40/month option and come the weeks that work for you.

Will they be doing all apparatus's including Tramp & Tumble equipment?

What will a typical day look like?
This is similar to our regular preschool classes except we're adding 55 minutes of educational exploration and desk work. This is NOT a credited class.

Will there be a snack?

Will the kids be evaluated during their time and will they be receiving a testing sheet or will it be online like our current classes?
Yes! We will keep you posted on the exact logistics of this.

If they transition to regular classes will you put in the computer where they should go?
Yes. And you can register for this class any time of the year.

Will the curriculum be themed based or more gymnastic based?
Both. But we are not accredited so it won't be a 'curriculum'. We will have monthly themes and work on educational standards surrounding those themes. 

Will they work on alphabet, numbers, writing, or just gymnastics?
All of those, plus work on social, emotional and all other areas of learning based on the monthly theme.

This class will incorporate gymnastics & Ninja class time with kindergarten/life readiness. We're very excited to start this new venture and welcome your feedback to make it even more successful!


Tumble Plus New Classes!
Monthly Tuition $175/one day, $275/two days; Starting September 1