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tct invitational meets supporting the women's collegiate growth initiative

TCT invitational meets have been supporting the Women's Collegiate Growth Initiative for over a decade.  Actually YOU have been supporting it! We donate $1 from each registered gymnast to the WCGA to help promote college gymnastics for women! THANK YOU for being part of this great cause in support of female gymnasts!

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The Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association is a membership-led, professional association representing the nation’s intercollegiate women’s gymnastics coaches within Division I, II & III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The WCGA is a 501c(3) nonprofit educational organization.


The advocate for women’s collegiate gymnastics.


WCGA strives to ensure safe, competitive, and educational opportunities for our student-athletes in collegiate women’s gymnastics. This will be achieved by supporting our coaches and current programs while advocating for new programs.


  1. To perpetuate and improve the sport of women’s gymnastics in the colleges and universities in the United States.
  2. To encourage colleges and universities in the United States to support gymnastics teams as part of their intercollegiate sports programs as well as part of the diverse university environments.
  3. To communicate with and support the interest of colleges and universities that may be interested in sponsoring women’s gymnastics programs.
  4. To coordinate efforts with all other agencies promoting gymnastics by stipulating its collective opinions through its elected representatives to the NCAA and USA Gymnastics.
  5. To provide coaches tools for the research of trends, issues and solutions to problems.
  6. To provide forums and activities which allow members the opportunities to discuss, enhance and evaluate changes in the sport of gymnastics, with specific implications at the collegiate level.
  7. To create new events, properties, activities, publications, literature, materials, promotions and other such enhancements that will aid in the marketing, promotions and growth of women’s collegiate gymnastics.
  8. To give concrete recognition for outstanding contributions to the sport by groups, individuals and events.
  9. To continue to encourage institutional academic standards at the very highest level for all of our student athletes.
  10. Other purposes, so designated and assigned by the membership.