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Trampoline and Tumbling

What is it?!

The trampoline and tumbling recreational program is a great place for kids to learn coordination, discipline, and advanced skills on a forgiving surface. Kids will learn how to master three events:


Double Mini Trampoline



  • Improve coordination between the mind and body
  • Push personal limits out of comfort zone in a safe environment
  • Strengthen muscles and increase flexibility
  • Have fun on trampolines in a safe and controlled environment

Beyond Classes

If an athlete loves and excels in trampoline and tumbling, they can further advance by joining our internationally known trampoline and tumbling team. On team, kids will compete routines at competitions throughout the state and country. More info HERE


This is a multilevel program where children progress from level to level at their own pace. In each class, children will learn how to master trampoline, double mini, and tumbling. Classes are divided into groups according to age and ability. Great care is taken to teach skills in a thorough and progressive manner to ensure against "gaps" that might restrict their gymnastics potential in later years. Student skill evaluations will be every 8-10 weeks to determine if a child is ready for the next level.


In this level, kids will be introduced to the basics of trampoline and tumbling. This includes body skills such as back drop to fronts drops, start the process of learning how to flip, how to safely run up to the double mini, and how to perfect their cartwheels and handstands.


In this level, kids will learn the fundamentals of flipping. This includes but is not limited to front tucks on trampoline, front tuck dismounts on double mini, and back handsprings on tumbling. Kids will also begin connecting skills to form routines.


This the level where kids have mastered their front flipping and back handsprings and are ready to add different shapes and twists on trampoline. On tumbling, kids will learn how to connect multiple back-handsprings out of round offs, and also do back tucks. On tumbling, the kids will connect flips, and add twisting.