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Preschool Classes

Preschool Philosophy

To provide a safe, positive, FUN, learning environment that will encourage each child to explore and develop movement concepts used in a variety of sports.

Some people ask, "Why should my toddler be in sports?"

It occurred to me that most people do not know what preschool gymnastics is all about. Some kids will be here for the dream of being an Olympian and some will be here just to have fun. No matter why, every last one of the kids who come through the door will be leaving with the same life skills as the next.

Gymnastics will help with cognitive development, enhance stronger bones, increase social skills, increase self-esteem, help with coordination, increase mental focus, help with goal setting and even hone in on reading and writing skills!

Overall whatever your little one’s goals are, gymnastics will leave them with a lifelong set of skills that go beyond the gym!

-Coach Heidi
Preschool Director


  • To develop a child's self-concept and self esteem.
  • To encourage physical activity as a part of everyday life.
  • Teach fundamental movements during early developmental stages.
  • Introduce social skills such as sharing, taking turns, listening, and developing friendships.


  • Gymnastics
  • Locomotor Skills
  • Perceptual Motor Skills
  • Body Awareness
  • Strength & Flexibility


We also offer Preschool Parties and Open Gym (COVID permitting) for our preschoolers age 3-7. Click HERE to see the schedule. Register online, in person or by phone.

preschool fun page!

We have fun messages from our coaches, activities to do at home, story time and much more! HERE

Spring Show | Ninja Fest

May 2022: We will be bringing back our annual Spring Show and Ninja Fest this year! We look forward to celebrating all your athlete's accomplishments.

Which Class should I sign up for next?

Classes are designed to let your child grow and progress to the next level. It's our goal to teach them a solid foundation so they will progress safely. Coaches will let you know when a child has passed to the next level.

To see how  the Program progresses, click on the following.

We have added 2 NEW CLASSES!
Mighty Men (ages 4-6) & TNT Preschool (ages 4-6)
See more information and class registration links below.

For more information about our philosophy and what to expect about advancing through our levels, please click HERE

how is my child progressing?

Coaches are always watching and evaluating skills. They will make every attempt to communicate with each family on a quarterly basis.

Reports will be printed and distributed 4 times per calendar year: 3rd week in November, February, May & August

Skill Achievement reports are also available online through the Parent Portal.

Go to top right corner, ACCOUNT tab, find your student, find their skills. Detailed instructions here:

class descriptions

school year schedule

Tumble Tots
Ages 12-18 Months
Monthly Tuition $74

Mini Mites (parent child)
Monthly Tuition $88

Monthly Tuition $88

Mighty Men NEW CLASS!
Monthly Tuition $103
Shooting Stars
Monthly Tuition $103

Muscle Men
Monthly Tuition $103
Hot Shots
Monthly Tuition $103

Preschool Trampoline & Tumbling NEW CLASS!
Monthly Tuition $103